• LOOKING FOR A CALMING DOG TREAT? Spoil your dog today with the Ecokind Pet Treats premium-quality, nutritious yak puffs for dogs. Helps naturally calm your dog down and put them at ease. Finally, you can spoil your pet with a puffy, crunchy, and yummy treat!
  • HELPS RELIEVE DOG ANXIETY: EcoKind calming dog chews are crafted to help naturally calm your dog when they’re dealing with stress, separation anxiety, anxiety due to weather, thunder, or fireworks. Supports a healthy diet and lifestyle!
  • LONG-LASTING TREATS FOR ENDLESS HOURS OF CHEWING FUN: Unlike other dog chews, our EcoKind yak chews made in the Himalayas will last longer and keep your doggie occupied. Supports a healthy diet and lifestyle!
  • MAX PROTEIN & FLAVOR, ZERO ADDITIVES & PRESERVATIVES: Super-rich in protein, our yak chew puff treats contain ONLY natural ingredients, such as yak milk, cow milk, lime juice, and Himalayan salt. No additives, no GMO's, no gluten.
  • PROMOTE ORAL HEALTH WITH OUR PRE-MIRCOWAVED CHEWS: Help keep your dog's teeth and gums healthy and clean with our fully digestible and edible yak cheese dog chews. We have pre-microwaved them, so you can wow your pup right away.
EcoKind Calming Hemp Treated Himalayan Yak Puffs | All-Natural Yak Cheese Dog Chews, Protein Rich, Gluten-Free, Odorless Long Lasting Yak Milk Puff Treats | 10 Calming Hemp Treated Puffs $32.95

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