Cow and/or Pig Ears for dogs are fantastic, quick treats for the aggressive chewing dog or puppy in your life. They're low in calories but will take the toughest pooches more than a few bites to get through. EcoKind Pig Ear and Cow Ear dog treats each have guaranteed amounts of crude protein, fat, and fiber so you can rest assured knowing you're giving your dog the absolute best on the market.

EcoKind promises to give your dog the best quality in every treat. Our treats and chews from animal products have NO hormones, NO harmful ingredients, and NO unhealthy chemicals. All EcoKind animal ear treats for dogs are absolutely safe for dogs and puppies! All EcoKind products are 100% free of chemicals and preservatives. All-natural dog treats from animal products are a safe alternative to plastic toys that can break become a choking hazard. Of course, like any treat or toy, we recommend close supervision of your doggo to make sure they stay safe.

Cow Ears for Dogs

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Pig Ears for Dogs

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