Yak Chews are a healthy and long-lasting chew treat for dogs and puppies, perfect for entertaining your aggressive chewer of any size. All EcoKind's Yak chews are made from just three ingredients: milk, salt, and lime juice, which is baked to create a hard, cheesy base that is then formed into sticks. As a dog chews on a yak stick, its saliva breaks down the chew and your dog gets to enjoy a tasty yet odor-free treat!

The best part is, EcoKind Yak Chews are absolutely safe for dogs and puppies! All EcoKind products are 100% free of chemicals and preservatives. All-natural dog treats from animal products are a safe alternative to plastic toys that can break become a choking hazard. Of course, like any treat or toy, we recommend close supervision of your doggo to make sure they stay safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Yak Chews for Dogs

Himalayan yak milk has special benefits because of the natural and varied free-range diets of the animals. The milk that yaks produce contains higher levels of healthy fat, protein, iron, magnesium, and calcium when compared to cow’s milk. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), which known for its health benefits. Unlike a lot of farmed animals these days, yaks produce milk that is free of antibiotics and artificial hormones. 

In addition to its grassy, yet delicate cheesy flavor, cheese made from Himalayan yak milk is also a healthy treat for dogs. Thanks to the free-range lifestyle of yaks, the cheese has more health fat and minerals than cheese made from cow’s milk or other types of animal milk. When compared to cheeses made with milk from farmed animals, rawhides and other similar dog chews, yak cheese is much easier for your dog to digest.

Chewing is important way for dogs to keep their teeth clean and supports dental health. Yak cheese also has a high amount of protein, which is fundamental to the growth and development of dogs. The healthy fats and minerals also support the growth of healthy, shiny fur. EcoKind yak cheese dog treats are all thoroughly tested before being sold to pet owners.

As with all chews and treats, your dog should be supervised while enjoying yak cheese to prevent any possible choking hazard.

As long as yak cheese treats are stored in a cool, dry place that is free of moisture, they can essentially last forever. Yak cheese dog chews have an average shelf-life of five years before use without losing their flavor and nutritional value.

It’s rare for canines to be allergic to milk or have lactose intolerance. Plus, yak cheese has very low lactose content. But if you know that your dog has difficulty digesting milk products or has an intolerance to traditional cheese products, talk with your veterinarian before giving your dog yak cheese treats.

It depends on the size of the chew or treat, the size of the dog, and his chewing behavior. But yak milk chews tend to last longer than other treats on the market. It can take the average chewer hours or even days to finish.

Although they do get softer as the dog licks and chews, yak cheese treats can be tough to chew through for puppy teeth. That’s why many prefer puffs, which are pre-microwaved yak cheese for puppies.

Treats made from yak cheese are a great way to keep your dog entertained, reduce unwanted chewing behavior, help your dog calm down, and keep up his oral hygiene. Plus, there are no funky odors or stains left on the carpet.