Looking for a smaller yak dog chew that will keep your pup occupied and happy? Look no further than our small-sized Himalayan Yak Chew! These 100% natural yak milk sticks are free from chemicals, preservatives and additives and are the perfect size for small to medium dogs. You can feel good about giving one of these long-lasting chew sticks to your dog because they're easily digestible and made from just 3 ingredients - yak milk, salt and lime juice!

  • 3 ingredients: 100% Yak milk, salt & lime
  • Made in the Himalayas
  • No chemicals, additives or preservatives
  • Gluten-free and lactose-free
  • Great for small dogs & aggressive chewers

EcoKind pet treats are preservative free

No Preservatives

EcoKind Himalayan Yak Chews are 100% lactose free

No Lactose

EcoKind Himalayan Yak Chews are made from 100% Yak Milk

100% Yak Milk

All EcoKind Himalayan Yak Chews are made in the Himalaya Mountains of Nepal

Made in Himalayas

Why Choose EcoKind Small Gold Yak Cheese Chews?

  • Made with just 3 ingredients: Yak milk, salt & lime
  • 100% gluten-free & lactose-free
  • Based on ancient recipe & traditionally produced
  • Small sticks: Approximately 3" - 4" long, ½" thick
  • 100% money back guarantee

Your Pup Deserves the Best Yak Chew

Just like our larger yak chews, these smaller treats are just as delicious, healthy and long-lasting. All of our EcoKind Gold Yak cheese chews are 100% natural, made from Himalayan yak's milk, and contain zero chemicals. Your doggy will love the natural flavor and you'll rest easy knowing that he or she is enjoying a healthy snack.

Treat Your Pup to a Healthy Treat

Our mouth-watering traditional yak chews are made in Nepal using only 100% Yak and cow milk, salt and lime without any preservatives, additives or artificial ingredients. Plus, they're gluten-free and lactose-free!

The Perfect Yak Chew for Small Dogs

These small chews are generally about 3-4" in length and perfect for your petite pup. If your small doggie loves to chew, then these smaller-sized Himalayan dog chews are the perfect-sized treat for your pup. And, since they are ODORLESS and can be used both indoors and outdoors!

Improve Oral Health

The Ecokind Pet Treats canine-approved Himalayan gold yak dog chews will keep your furry friend chewing for hours, help promote oral health by preventing plaque buildup and are easily digested!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Being pet owners ourselves, we know exactly how to make your dog’s tail wag, we back all of our products with our 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Quantities and Weight

  • 4 stick bag weighs approximately 5.5 oz
  • 8 stick bag weighs approximately 11. oz
  • 16 stick bag weighs approximately 22 oz

Customer Reviews

Himalayan Yak Chews (4" Sticks) $16.95

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