4 Reasons Yak Chews Are The Best Way To Deal With Doggy Boredom (even if they're high energy!)


1. Very Mentally Stimulating For Dogs

Since Yak Chews are both very hard and delicous, they can provide hours of mental stimulation for dogs!

2. Built To Last Hours

Unlike other treats that are consumed quickly, yak chews are designed to last longer, ensuring prolonged enjoyment for your dog.

3. Keeps their teeth clean!

Yak chews are not just a delicious treat for dogs, but also a great dental hygiene tool. The tough texture of these chews promotes natural gnawing, which helps to scrape off plaque and tartar build-up from your pet's teeth.

4. All Natural Ingredients!

Yak chews, sourced from the Himalayas, are a wholesome and nutritious treat for dogs of all sizes. They are rich in protein, calcium, and other essential minerals, contributing to a healthy diet.

 "After leaving it out in the yard for a day she wouldn't put it down. AND it lasted the whole week. Fantastic."
— Stacy

Hear From Our Beloved Pet Parents!

  • "My dog absolutely adores these. Even more important so do I. There’s no bad smell and they don’t get slimy when chewed on. Not to mention they will last FOREVER. 10/10"

    Verified Buyer

  • "Safe product for aggressive chewers. My dog enjoys these and it keeps her from chewing my shoes! "

    Verified Buyer

  • "Yak chews are the greatest doggy invention. These last for so long and help when I’m away at work for 12 hours overnight. The pups chew and chew and chew until they fall asleep."

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Your dog will love these big, long-lasting yak chews that are easy to digest and 100% natural. Our tough yak milk sticks are sure to keep your pup occupied for hours - no more coming up with other things to entertain them!