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Does your dog want a healthy, tasty treat? Do you want to give your pup the absolute best? Look no further -- you'll love our Whole Elk Antler Dog Chews! They're 100% natural, and we never, ever use any additives, chemicals, or preservatives during ANY step of the process. Collected by hand from the Rocky Mountains, we carefully inspect and select only the best quality antlers to send to your pup. Elk antlers are rich in naturally found nutrients so you can rest easy knowing your dog is getting the highest quality dog treats on the market. Grade-A treats made in the USA!

Whole Elk Antlers are Best for Large Dogs

EcoKind's whole elk antlers are the thickest and largest elk antlers we sell.  This is the base of the antler closest to the elk's head and is ideal for large dogs, energetic puppies, and the most aggressive chewers. 

Naturally-Shed Elk Antlers

Handpicked in the Rocky Mountains, from Rocky Mountain elk - made in the USA!  We wait until the elk's antlers fall off on their own. We then go out and pick up only the best elk antlers to send out to you and your pup. Rest assured EcoKind elk antler chews for dogs lead the industry!

Elk Antlers Last for Hours

Give your pup a treat and yourself a moment of rest.  The most energetic dogs will be occupied for hours with these MASSIVE whole elk antlers.  No chemicals, no odors, no cleanup, and just one ingredient: elk antler! 

Naturally Healthy, Naturally Safe

EcoKind whole elk antlers are one of the best sources of natural Calcium, Phosphorous, Manganese, and Zinc. Our elk antler chews get picked up and shipped out - give your dog a taste of life in the wild.  

Removes Plaque & Tartar Build-Up

Whole antler chews for dogs satisfy your pup's natural instincts WHILE cleaning their teeth! Improve your dog's dental hygiene by including elk antler chews in your dog's regular diet. 

Excellent Choice for Aggressive Chewers

Whole elk antler chews are among the most durable, long-lasting dog chews on the market.  A perfect pick for the incessant chewer(s) in your life! 

Package Quantity & Guaranteed Analysis:

  • Crude Protein (min): 10.62%
  • Crude Fat (min): 0.10%
  • Crude Fiber (max): 0.10%
  • Moisture (max): 0.33%

Packages contain three to five 5-7 inch pieces of genuine whole elk antlers, with a total weight of approximately 1 lb.

EcoKind pet treats are preservative free

No Preservatives

EcoKind Himalayan Yak Chews are 100% lactose free

No Lactose

EcoKind Pet Treats made in the USA

Made in the USA

Whole Elk Antler Dog Chews $44.95