Have you ever wondered if your dog is stressed out? Does your pup get anxious during thunderstorms or when alone for long periods of time? EcoKind's all-natural, hemp oil-infused calming chews, treats, and puffs are for you (and your dog!)

EcoKind is proud to introduce our brand new hemp oil-infused calming chews! EcoKind calming dog chews are crafted to help naturally calm your dog when they’re dealing with stress, separation anxiety, anxiety due to weather, thunder, or fireworks. Our calming chews have all the health benefits of our traditional treats, plus the added bonus of relaxing hemp oil.

All EcoKind calming chews for dogs are absolutely safe for dogs and puppies! All EcoKind products are 100% free of chemicals and preservatives. All-natural dog treats from animal products are a safe alternative to plastic toys that can break become a choking hazard. Of course, like any treat or toy, we recommend close supervision of your doggo to make sure they stay safe.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Hemp Calming Chews for Dogs

Hemp oil is considered safe for canines; they are not psychoactive nor will they make a dog feel the effects of a drug. Instead, it’s a natural supplement that has been shown to reduce anxiety, pain, and inflammation for dogs. Studies have also found evidence that hemp oil can improve mobility for dogs with arthritis, reduce seizures in dogs with epilepsy, and help calm itchy skin inflammation. It also contains terpenes and phenols that offer additional health benefits. 

Actually, most dogs enjoy the flavor of hemp in addition to a tasty treat or chew.  

These treats are favorites of owners with nervous or anxious dogs; the calming action of chewing a yummy treat, plus the relaxing effect of hemp oil, is a winning combination. Hemp oil treats for dogs are easier to give on-the-go than a dropper of oil and the flavor of the treat—yak milk, cow ears, or pig ears—makes the taste more attractive for your pet, without giving off a strong odor.