How to Make the Very Best Yak Cheese Puffs

How to Make the Very Best Yak Cheese Puffs

Devin Weisleder

Yak cheese hard chews, also known as Himalayan chews, are made from yak milk. The chews are all-natural cheese made from traditional methods developed by inhabitants of the Himalayan mountains in Nepal. It’s a long process to dry and cure the yak milk and create a hard, nutritional chew. The final product has no chemicals, preservatives, or fillers. Yak cheese hard chews last longer than the average dog treat and is an excellent option for dogs with allergies  

When you buy Himalayan yak chews in bulk, or individually, they arrive as big pieces of cheese that is really hard. But it can be easily made into a softer treat for dogs that are smaller, less interested in gnawing, or who have dental issues.  

What Are Yak Cheese Puffs Made of? 

The ingredients of yak cheese puffs are the same simple, natural ingredients that make up yak cheese hard chews: yak milk, salt, and lime juice. That’s it! 

Why Should Dog Owners Give Yak Cheese Puffs a Try? 

I mean really, there is no downside to yak cheese puffs. It’s a win-win for pets and owners. If you are looking for a treat that is interesting for your dog, while also safe and natural, yak cheese is a premium alternative. 

No Waste 

One of the benefits of yak cheese for dogs is that none of the treat is wasted. Any pieces that are left over when Fido is done chewing on the stick can be reused as an entirely new treat. You don’t have to throw any bits or end pieces away. By microwaving the pieces of yak milk, they become yak cheese puffs. Dogs love this warm, tasty treat; it’s like a big piece of cheesy puppy popcorn.   

Less Smelly 

Dog owners who dislike the smell of bully sticks have been increasingly switching to yak cheese treats. Your dogs may love bully sticks and other treats with a strong odor, and though they are a great option even for small dogs and ageing dogs, some owners are turned off by the scent.  

Yak cheese puffs are perfect because they are soft enough for all dogs to enjoy. Plus, yak cheese puffs are really tasty for dogs without the strong smell that bothers some dog lovers. Yak cheese dog treats smell like smokey cheese and the odor is mild, even after getting puffed in the microwave. 

Safer for Consumption 

There are some safety concerns about chews becoming choking hazards especially when the dog has a treat while unsupervised. But puffing up the endpieces allows your dog to enjoy every bit of the treat, without wasting, while also making it safer. This is because your dog won’t be able to swallow yak cheese puffs whole.  

Healthy & Digestible 

Yak chew treats and yak cheese puffs are a healthy snack for your pup. When compared to bleached rawhide chews or treats that are full of artificial ingredients, yak cheese has no fillers and is made of all-natural ingredients. For dogs with food sensitivities to animal meat products, fish, grain and gluten, vegetables or fruit, this limited-ingredient chew can be a healthy option.  

Plus, yak cheese passes on the benefits of Himalayan yaks’ free-range diet. It contains higher levels of healthy fat, protein, iron, magnesium, and calcium than cow’s milk. It’s rich in omega-3 fatty acids and is easy to digest.  

5 Steps: How to Make Yak Cheese Puffs 

Hard cheese chews can be quickly and easily transformed into yak milk dog puffs. Here’s how to turn the leftover pieces of the chew into a yummy puff treat for your dog. 

1. Soak Yak Chew Before Microwaving

how to make yak cheese puff for dogsFirst, for best results, you should soak the hard cheese bits in a bowl of water. Use lukewarm water and let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes. This pre-soak step helps soften up the super hard chew.   

recipe for best yak cheese puff treat for dogs

2. Use Microwave-Safe Dish

Next, place the soaked yak cheese bits onto a microwave-safe dish.  

microwave yak puff for dog

3. Microwave the Yak Chew

Then, cook them in the microwave for 30 to 60 seconds. The cook time depends on how large the piece is; larger pieces usually require 45 – 60 seconds. While that’s in the microwave, you might notice that your dog is suddenly interested in what you’re cooking. The powerful canine sense of smell will let him or her know that there is something yummy on the way. And this is when most dogs start wagging their tail in anticipation.  

yak cheese puff cooling before given as treat to dog

4. Let the Yak Cheese Puff Cool

Once the timer on the microwave has gone off, take the now puffed up treat out and let it sit for a few minutes. It will need to cool down before it’s safe to give to your dog. 

yak cheese puff for dogs

5. Serve the Yak Puff Treat

Finally, it’s time for your best friend to enjoy a crunchy yak cheese puff. The puff should be warm to the touch, but cool enough to hold it comfortably in your hand. This is the perfect point of crunchy, yak-cheesy puff goodness! 

Try EcoKind Calming Yak Cheese Puffs 

If you don’t want to DIY, order bite-sized, long-lasting Calming Gold Yak Chew Puffs. They are infused with pure hemp oil to help naturally calm your dog and relieve stress and anxiety. Plus, these puffs are already microwaved and ready to serve to your pooch.