Yak Chews Vs. Bully Sticks: Battle for the Best Dog Treat

Yak Chews Vs. Bully Sticks: Battle for the Best Dog Treat

Devin Weisleder

The right treats for your pup will always be a subject of debate. We understand that choosing a treat for your pet has become a pretty challenging task. The question is, “which long-lasting snack is the best for your pet?” Each popular chew has its own distinct features. Moreover, not all breeds would like the same treatment.  

As a pet parent, you’ll also have to consider the nutritional value and the calorie content of your dog's treats. Two of the most common chew treats available for dogs are yak chews and bully sticks. You might have heard fellow pet parents claim that they prefer yak chews over bully sticks. On the other hand, others might argue that bully sticks beat the rest.  

This article will help you solve the dilemma between yak chews and bully sticks. We’ve mentioned everything you need to know about both these treats so that you can make the right choice for your pet. Let’s get started!  

Yak Chews vs. Bully Sticks – Which is Better?  

Before we get to the meat of the matter, let's try to learn in-depth about yak chews and bully sticks. These treats can vary based on their texture, taste, nutritional value, and ingredients.  

Let’s get started in taking a look at how these two treats stack up against each other.  

All About Yak Chews 

Yak chews are hard cheese made using cow's or yak's milk as the primary ingredient. Canines find the milky taste to be delicious. These treats are highly nutritious with a lot of proteins . Himalayan yak chews are entirely natural and safe.  


  • Long-lasting
  • Low salt content 
  • High in protein  
  • Lacoste-free 
  • Grain and gluten-free 
  • Fully digestible  
  • Generally free from preservatives, synthetic color, or additives  

All About Bully Sticks  

The idea of your dog feeding on bull pizzles might not be exciting. But for dogs, it is a wonderful treat. The texture, taste, smell make it a wonderful dog treat. Top-quality bully stick products are derived from high-quality, grass-fed, free-range cattle from South and North America. 


  • Promotes oral health in dogs  
  • Low in calories  
  • Easy to digest  
  • Improves a dog’s skin, coat, brain, and muscle  
  • Made from natural ingredients and free from harmful additives  
  • Apt for dogs of all ages  

Which One Should You Give Your Pet?  

This section of the article weighs both yak chews and bully sticks on various parameters. A close comparison will help you differentiate and choose between the two. Hopefully, this section will help you zero down on the right chew treat for your pet.  


Yak chews have minimal to no odor. So, you can expect the smell to be limited if you feed your dog yak chews.  

You might have to do an extra bit of cleaning when feeding bully sticks to your dog. The treat gets wet and mushy as the dog chews on it. But if your dog loves bully sticks, there’s no question of putting in this extra effort for your pet’s happiness.  


Some pet parents feel that the texture of yak chews make it difficult to chew. They feel that not every dog would appreciate chewing on a hard and dense treat, but the truth is that a majority of dogs love it. Many online pet parent communities suggest that you soak the yak chews in water to make them attractive to your dogs, in case your pet doesn’t want to feed on dry yak chews.  

Young dogs in particular appreciate chewing on a tricky treat. Both bully sticks and yak chews have a hard texture and most dogs enjoy feeding on them.    


If your dog weighs really low, yak chews will help your undernourished dog maintain a healthy weight. Even if your dog is prone to weight gain, yak chews are a great option because of their nutritional value but remember to feed the same in restricted quantities. 

Bully sticks are great options for big, heavy-weight dogs. It is because bully sticks have comparatively lesser calories then yak chews. You can continue rewarding your dog without worrying about any potential weight gain.  

Why Should You Give Bully Sticks or Yak Chews to Your Doggo? 

You might wonder why natural treats like yak chews and bully sticks are essential for your pet. You'll be surprised to know about the benefits of offering bully sticks or yak chews to your lovely pet. 

  • Training: One of the obvious reasons you should give your doggo treats is to encourage and reward their progress and good behavior. Training your dog calls for different techniques and tactics. With these treats, you get to establish positive reinforcement. Moreover, treats give your dog a reason to look forward to training and make the process enjoyable.  
  • Prevents destructive behavior:  There’s no hiding that your dog has chewed off a part of your shoes or upholstery. To prevent them from shredding your pillows and clothing, you need to give them a tasty alternative. Yes, we are talking about yak chews and bully sticks. Giving chew treats is an underrated strategy to prevent destructive behavior in dogs. 
  • Enhances intake of nutrition: One of the lesser-known reasons for treating your dog with bully sticks or yak chews is that they naturally enhance intake of nutrition. If your dog is malnourished or underweight, these treats can help them recover weight. Also, the treats fill the dogs with the energy they need for their everyday activities.  
  • A gesture of affection: It is not that you should only treat your dog when it follows a command or completes a training. Chew treats can help you display your affection for your furry friend. On special occasions, do not forget to treat your pups with yak chews or bully sticks.  


Are Bully Sticks Safe for Puppies?  

Bully sticks are totally safe for puppies. It is a misconception that bully sticks are harmful to puppies.  

This natural dog treat can be a choking hazard. However, that is only true if you pick an incorrect treat size for your dog. Big dogs trying to chew small size treats might end up swallowing them by mistake. As with any other dog treat, you should monitor your dogs while they chew their bully sticks.  

Can Bully Sticks Cause Pets to Gain Weight?  

You don’t want your dog to gain unnecessary weight through chew treats. Many of the chews for dogs in the market have synthetic sweeteners and artificial ingredients. A calorie-rich treat can make your doggo prone to weight gain. Thankfully, that is not the case with bully sticks.  

Compared to other natural chews, bully sticks are pretty low in fat content. Bully sticks(being low in fats) are an excellent choice for breeds prone to easy weight gain.  

Nevertheless, we still suggest you keep an eye on your dog to prevent overconsumption. After all, dogs find bully sticks to be highly irresistible! 

Can Yak Chews Trigger Allergies in Dogs?  

The good news is that there is no history of pet allergies being triggered by yak chews. That's not it! Himalayan dog chews have minimal milk content. Another supporting fact is that dogs don't typically display lactose intolerance.  

But, if your dog suffers from any digestive issues, it is better to consult your vet before opting for yak chews. For most dogs, yak chews are a delight. Since they are natural dog treats, you can expect them to be highly safe and beneficial for your pet. 

What Ingredients Should I Avoid in Pet Treats?  

Many brands for dog treats claim that their yak chews and bully sticks are nutrition-dense and attractive for dogs. However, these treats might contain ingredients that are harmful to your dog. So, whether you buy bully sticks or yak chews, make sure to be fully aware of the ingredients and purchase from trustworthy pet supply stores.   

To help you further, we've mentioned a round-up of ingredients that are a big no-no for dog treats. Here are a few elements you should be avoided in dog treats:  

  • Preservatives 
  • Chemical humectants  
  • Artificial colors  

The above ingredients can disrupt the digestive system of your pet. Continuous consumption can cause a plethora of other problems like tooth decay, restlessness, and obesity in dogs. 

Which Dog Chew Should I Choose?

We get it – picking a few from more than a hundred chew treat options for your dog can be a cumbersome task. But, for the best health benefits, you’ll need to do your homework of assessing the benefits and risks involved with each of these.  

You should consider the preference, breed, nutritional requirements, and a few other factors while picking treats for your dog. You can try both yak chews and bully treats and see what your puppy likes. We believe it's going to enjoy both of these!